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2 years ago

Best Electric Guitar Under $300 2015

Cheap Guitars and Snooty guitar course Guitar Players

If you're trying to choose the best electric guitar for less than $300 you may find it tough to wade through all the confusing information out there on the internet.

Unfortunately, some veteran guitar players can be downright snooty when it comes to gear, and 300 bucks isn't much to spend when you look at the cost of big-name guitars. If there isnt a high-profile name on the headstock some players are prone to look down on the guitar and the player who wields it. Its not fair, but it kind of goes with the turf.

Some think such snobbery is an indication that they know their craft and, like a high-society wine connoisseur, are enlightened enough to hold their heads above those who do not agree with them. It's a shame, because they are really missing out on some of the best guitar bargains out there.

I have to admit I spent some time thinking this way in my younger days. You know, before years of guitar playing led me to something that can be loosely called wisdom. Now I know that it's more about the player than the instrument, and that a quality guitar doesn't have to be expensive to get the job done. There are some real gems out there if you take the time to look.

In this article you'll read about 5 of the top electric guitars in the $200-300 price range. They're excellent for beginners, but intermediate and advanced players might find them worthy of adding to their collections as well.

It also doesn't hurt that they're made by some of the best names in the guitar world, so you can expect quality and value. Big-name guitar manufacturers might makes some expensive instruments, but they know today's beginner and intermediate player is tomorrow's pro.

If you are a total beginner on a tight budget you may prefer to check out the following article:

Otherwise, lets get to it. Here are some of the best electric guitars under $300 for beginners and intermediate players.

Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster

You may not have heard of Squier, but youve probably heard of Fender. The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most iconic guitars in the rock world, played by legendary players since the 1950s.